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Need legal advice?

We’re pleased to have aroused your interest in our legal counselling services.  It’s quick and easy to join the Mieterbund via the ways listed below. Our consulting services are available to you from the very moment you join—there’s no waiting period.

If you have a problem, you can avail yourself of our legal advice and experience.

If you wish to join and arrange for a consultation right away, call us at 06151 49 799 0, or give us your phone number and we’ll gladly call you.

Our advisory services are free to all members.  Your membership can start from any date you choose.  Please send us a completed direct debit form (Lastschriftauftrag) by fax at 06151 49 799 50, or bring one to your appointment.

The available forms are as follows:

Membership application from (to print

Direct debit form

Our constitution

Online membership application form

Thanks for your trust.  We will not disappoint you.