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Business tenants

Naturally, we also represent many business tenants in and around Darmstadt our constitution provides for this explicitly. In these trying economic times many tenants of commercial properties find themselves facing similar difficulties to residential tenants.  As a further complication, the law considers businesspeople to be equal parties to rental contracts. This means that commercial tenants do not enjoy the same special protection under the law as residential tenants do. It is therefore all the more important for you as a business tenant to ensure that your interests are adequately protected in your rental contract.  Receiving legal advice at the right time can be absolutely vital for commercial tenants.

Whether you rent commercial space for a professional practice, a shop, a warehouse, or any other similar purpose, or require help concluding such a rental contract, you’ve come to the right place. We already represent a wide variety of business tenants, so we have the experience necessary to discuss the special characteristics of commercial tenancy contracts with you.